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On the heels of Last Giant’s 2015 debut record Heavy Habitat, a hard-hitting opus chalked full of bone rumbling rock, comes Memory Of The World, an inwardly drawn collection of 11 electrifying tracks. The album is infused with a deep and nuanced 70’s rock sound with progressive embellishments along the way and Last Giant continues to obliterate the pretty confines of everyday rock in this sophomore release. While bandleader Ryan Heise (ex- System and Station) isn’t out to make overt political statements with this new album, Memory Of The World is steady while adrift on the seas between the strangeness of the present, and the nostalgia for the past. The sound achieved by the band at Jackpot Studio’s resonates that speculative space. Sonic edges are filed down, and choruses are much more restrained. Mixing engineer Paul Malinowski (Shiner, The Life and Times, Riddle of Steel) and co-producer Larry Crane (Sleater-Kinney, Pavement, Tape Op) proved as prodigious partners in bringing Heise’s vocals out front in the mix, a creatively daring choice that adds a new layer to already delicate material, making songs like “Inventory” that much more visceral, and his noir cinematic songwriting experiments, like “Blood On The Road” feel like audacious artist looking out for a new venue. On one hand, the album features a heavy dose of straight forward, guitar rock, like “Living In Photographs” the opener which confronts social media’s insidious ability to distort reality, and some tongue-in-cheek satire too, as on “The Comedian.” Whether the current political climate has turned Heise’s lyrical content may be debatable, a few critical songs give Memory of the World a decidedly sharp bite, like “Diamond Decade” which takes its shot right at society’s upper crust, and “Saint Paul” which refers directly to the murder of an innocent Philando Castile at the hands of police officers. Behind the scenes Last Giant transformed from a Heise solo project into a collaboration. After putting a group of touring musicians together to bring Heavy Habitat out on the road, Heise, embraced a fully-fledged band. While he still fronts the outfit on guitar, vocals and keys, he’s teamed up Palmer Cloud on bass and Matt Wiles on drums to bring us the Memory Of The World. The trio honed and arranged 11 songs over a year period, splitting time between touring and the studio. Last Giant doesn’t treat rock as sedentary form. They are bold. They’ve evolved and Memory Of The World is that bittersweet record, arriving at just the right moment, where facets of our culture seem steady and adrift. Last Giant will tour throughout 2017, see below for track listing and current list of dates.



September 14th- Spoken Moto- Bend, OR

September 16th- OMalleys- Portland, OR- Vinyl Release Show!!!

October 10th- Pub Station- Billings, MT

October 12th- The Hexagon- Minneapolis, MN

October 13th- The Wisco- Madison, WI

October 14th- Quenchers- Chicago, IL

October 16th- Gabes Downstairs- Iowa City, IA

October 17th- Disaster Room- Kansas City, MO

October 18th- The Waiting Room- Omaha, NE

October 19th- Bar Bar- Denver, CO

October 20th- ABG's- Provo, UT

October 21st- Vista Bar- Boise, ID

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Ryan Heise

Vocals – Guitars
You can catch a view of big game while on safari. You can tune into an episode of Wild Kingdom. Go ahead. Crack the spine of your best bestiary book and flip through for a picture of that splendid creature in its natural environment.
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With our fangs, claws and talons, we are not so different from untamed animals. Especially when tuned in, turned on. Last Giant is that rare rough beast whose true identity reveals not in a glossy snapshot but through sound: heavy sound. There is only a single species of rock record like Heavy Habitat, one that cannot be contained by any zoo.
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Long believed endangered, perhaps even extinct, it’s come free of its cage and can now be found roaming the land, hungry for dominion. Something big has broken its chains. So park the car. Turn up the stereo as high as it will go and open the windows. It’s coming your way. Finally.